About K2DQ

We make advanced marketing optimization robust, practical and intuitive — helping marketing teams and agencies deploy state of the art capabilities with ease and confidence.

The Platform

The K2DQ platform turns performance data into predictive value distributions, for any number of marketing campaigns, across arbitrary audience segmentations. In turn, those inferences drive advanced marketing optimizations — setting PPC bids with statistical CLTV/CAC ratio guarantees, powerful content-in-context personalization, … — as well as uniquely actionable opportunities and insights.

Simple integration with any eCommerce / CDP / marketing automation framework, white-label features tailored for agencies, and flexible embedded visualization options.

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Consulting and Training

We offer comprehensive consulting and training in all aspects of data-driven marketing analysis and optimization, including:

  • Portfolio optimization and hedging techniques for paid search (SEM), display, social, email and offline campaigns
  • Data-driven bid management with statistical ROI guarantees — distributions, credible intervals, and hierarchical hedging. Adaptive bid shading for 1st-price auctions, predictive cost distributions for 2nd-price auctions
  • Target audience optimal segmentation, for performance marketing, creative differentiation, and engagement analysis
  • Predictive customer life-time value modelling (contractual, non-contractual and hybrid), integrating customer life-time value into performance marketing
  • Cross-channel fractional attribution (“multi-touch”), independence from 3rd-party cookies
  • Rapid incrementality measurements, continuous optimal mix adjustments
  • Funnel composition and organic cannibalization analysis
  • Data augmentation (demographics, cross-device, statistical inference), privacy-preserving integration (“activation”) of augmented data into optimal segmentation and bid management
  • Advanced A/B/n testing, Bayesian “multi-armed bandit” continuous optimization, efficient OPE implementations
  • CRM tessellation, conditional (intervention-aware) customer behavioral modelling
  • Personalization of marketing content, modern recommender systems
  • Online-to-offline (“click-to-brick”) campaigns analysis
  • Churn prediction, retention campaigns optimization, churn prevention incrementality measures
  • Supply chain and logistics optimization — optimal inventory levels under complex constraints, robust demand forecasting, staggered marketing (“sell-through alignment”) campaigns
  • Data science for marketing — methodologies, tools and business alignment

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The Name

In short, K2 is this mountain, and ∂q is fundamental to Hamiltonian mechanics.